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Permalink A good father tends his garden often and regularly.  He pulls out the weeds and puts in time, energy and love.  At the end of his life, he looks back at what he has done.  He looks at his children, the fruits of his labor, and remembers the time spent.  Remembers the weeds pulled, the love poured and the energy given.  A good father will look at what has come from his work, and smile in the satisfaction of knowing that his garden, his children, can now survive without him.
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Permalink Bright colors and boastful designs all in time for the summer! (
Permalink This landscape contains gray, pink and brown.  The pink, glossy pink and light gray colored Kate Rose Pedal Shoulder Bag matches this scene perfectly. (Photo Credit: William Neill) (
Permalink Black and white are a bold combination.  Contemporary and simple, this combo, no matter how old the design, can make anything seem modern/ (Photo Credit: Anonymous) (
Permalink Snow is very beautiful, especially when it lands in the trees, kisses the ground and graces the sky with its presence.  Perfect bag to reflect this phenomenon…(Photo Credit: William Neill) (
Permalink Bronze and golden brown of this scene reminds me of the Jennifer Ribbed Handbag from! (Photo Credit: William Neill)
Permalink Stone, to the naked eye is looked at as plain and rugged. Yet, placed in the right ways, stone can reflect a simplistic beauty that not even a dozen roses can evoke.  Take a look at a particular bag that I believe stands out in that same way. (Photo Credit: William Neill) (
Permalink Rough yet beautiful, this landscape is reminiscent of the wild west with a side of flair.  (
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